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Chronic Pain Management and Opioid Use Disorder

A recent US study has highlighted the dangers of opioid abuse in chronic pain management. Data from American Addiction Centres shows approximately 1.2 million people will die from an opioid overdose by the end of the current decade. Yet, opioids continue to be a leading treatment for chronic pain. Here, we look at what opioids […]

Lipoedema – A Highly Undiagnosed and Painful Condition

Lipoedema, not to be confused with lymphedema, causes an excess build up of fat in the legs or arms. Despite affecting up to 10% of women in the UK, this common condition is highly undiagnosed. Patients with the condition often experience severe pain, and it can greatly impact their daily life. Here, we look at […]

Long COVID and Post Viral Illnesses

More than two million people in the UK now live with long COVID. Diagnosed when symptoms last weeks or months after the illness has passed, long COVID is estimated to impact 3% – 12% of those who have caught the virus, according to the Office of National Statistics. Research into the condition is now underway, […]

Can You Reverse Diabetic Neuropathy?

Managing your blood sugar when you have Diabetes is essential. If your blood sugar levels are elevated for a long period of time, it can lead to a nerve-damaging condition known as Diabetic Neuropathy. Currently, there is no cure for Diabetic Neuropathy. However, with the right treatment, it may be possible to reverse the condition. […]

The Pain Relief Benefits of Music

For those living with chronic pain, medications including NSAIDS, anticonvulsants, antidepressants, weak and strong opioids are used to provide relief. However, multiple studies have revealed the dangers of these drugs often outweigh the benefits. In many cases, they also provide very little relief. One of the major components of chronic pain is its emotional impact, […]

How Can You Find Answers for Undiagnosed Pain?

When you are in constant pain, it’s only natural you’ll want to get to the root cause of the problem. However, for millions of people, there is no explanation for the pain they are experiencing. This is because the current investigation technique does not always show anything being abnormal or presumed to be the source […]

Dr Ivanova-Stoilova Seeing Patients At The Fitzrovia Hospital

Dr Ivanova-Stoilova will now be seeing patients for clinical diagnosis and treatment, as well as for medical reports in Fitzrovia Hospital, Central London 13-14 Fitzroy Square London W1T6AH. The clinic timetable will be Thursday from 2-6 pm. Telephone 0207 0343301 to make a booking. Dr Ivanova-Stoilova will continue seeing patients in Newport, Wales on Tuesdays […]

Dr Ivanova-Stoilova Presents at Congress on World Institute of Pain

At the XI Congress on World Institute of Pain (WIP), Budapest, 25-27 August 2022 Dr Ivanova-Stoilova is presenting her 7-years experience in treating patients with nerve pain and she is discussing the short and long term benefits of this treatment. You can find the program for this three day conference here. Dr Ivanova-Stoilova will be […]

Is Back Pain Worsened By Anti-Inflammatory Medication?

Anti-inflammatory medication is frequently used to relieve back pain. But, according to a new study, anti-inflammatory medication could make the problem a whole lot worse. In fact, the majority of people who take the drugs, report worsening pain over a long period of time. Here, we will address what the study found and look at […]

Dr Ivanova-Stoilova Presents at Pain Symposium in Madrid

Dr Ivanova-Stoilova is at the vanguard of advanced interventional treatments for patients with recurrent and intractable pain. Some of the patients have suffered muscle pain for years after trauma, sports injury, operations, road traffic accidents. A novel treatment with pulsed radiofrequency current was presented at a recent second international symposium in Madrid on 22 April […]