chronic pain apps

Digital health evaluation organisation, ORCHA, has recently awarded high marks to the chronic pain and depression apps from Wellmind. In ORCHA’s latest review update of its AppFinder library, it recognised Wellmind’s Pathway through Pain, and Be Mindful apps as two of the best on the market.

Here, we will look at the two chronic pain apps recognised in the latest review, and what it means for patients.

What are these chronic pain apps?

The first of the new apps recognised by ORCHA is the Be Mindful Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy programme. It teaches users useful mindfulness techniques such as breathing exercises, stretching, and meditation. It aims to break a depressive cycle, aiding in better mental health.

The second app is the Pathway Through Pain, Pain Management Programme. It is aimed at helping patients self-manage chronic pain. The app helps you to understand chronic pain, and recognise the treatment approaches available. Through this, a personalised pain management programme can be developed for each patient.

Both of these apps have undergone extensive assessment and passed vigorous NHS quality standards. Pain clinics and GPs can provide the app to applicable patients across the UK.

What are the benefits of a digital approach?

A digital approach to managing chronic pain provides a lot of benefits to both patients and physicians. It can:

  • Help to ease the pain while patients await treatment
  • Provide a better outcome when combined with medical solutions
  • Identify adverse effects of medications

As a result of the recent lockdowns, there is a huge backlog of patients waiting to be treated. Those with chronic pain have been left with very little support, with many experiencing a worsening of their symptoms. Digital apps recognised by ORCHA can help patients to self-manage their pain. This can help to improve quality of life, as well as provide a greater sense of control over their condition.

When combined with medical treatments, digital support can also help to improve outcomes. While there is currently little evidence to support how effective pain management apps are, many patients are reporting benefits from using them.

Some pain management apps give you the ability to monitor how you’re responding to your medication. Often, patients require adjustments in their pain medication, which can lead to unpleasant adverse reactions. With the right app, patients can keep an eye on any changes in their health, helping to identify any adverse reactions quickly.

Is a digital approach the right option for managing chronic pain?

For those living with chronic pain, life can become unbearable. Digital approaches to managing the condition have shown to improve quality of life, and aid in better pain management. However, it is important to note that it cannot, and should not, replace medical treatments.

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