Critical illness

Dr Ivanova-Stoilova’s article about Pain Trajectories in Survivors of Critical Illness has been published in the Independent Doctors Federation (IDF) Spring 2022 Journal.

Globally the healthcare systems record not only morbidity and mortality as quality of care indicators, but long term consequences of diseases and conditions. Dr Ivanova-Stoilova is going to get you acquainted with the term, Post-Intensive Care Syndrome (PICS). This applies to patients and family members that had survived critical illness, but have also been left with deteriorating physical and mental function after the acute phase of their disease.

You will be interested to read her publication and clinical experience in treating patients who survived critical illness and how their pain trajectories developed and were addressed over a long period of time.

Long COVID is now a recognised clinical condition and if you have intractable pain you will be able to book a consultation for assessment and treatment with Dr Ivanova-Stoilova.